Love that consumes what is evil, love that moves like a whirlwind of compassion and commitment.

28 - viper was shook off into the fire) I. .

When the fire of God is your theme, it affects every area of your life.

Not all prayer can attract the fire of God.

Join Duncan and Kate Smith, presidents of the Catch The Fire movement, as they sit down for conversations with spiritual leaders, influential teachers, and Christian experts. . .


1 day ago · Multiple Cars Catch Fire In Rego Park: FDNY - Forest Hills, NY - Several cars caught fire at 65-44 Saunders St. The fire inside of the. Pastor Hope Davis preaches on Isaiah 58 and lining our hearts and priorities up with God's.

. The large bin pile fire was in the 2000 Block of SLI road just outside of Sunnyside, according to Yakima County Fire District 5.

The 120 disciples of Christ were baptized by fire on the day of Pentecost, that is Shavuot.

All you have to do is get around people who are on fire for God and they will fire you up.

What we need more than that is for Christians to get on fire, and stay on fire! It seems that so many today get fired up and two weeks later, they are in the dumps, missing church, doubting their salvation, giving in to temptation, vulnerable, weak, and discouraged. THE DUTY (Throw Wood on the Fire) II.

just before 3:40 p. It is stronger than death, according to Lamentations 3.

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Ground Yourself in the Fear of the Lord.
This church is a the local expression in the Central Florida region of the powerful move of God’s presence worldwide.

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May 18, 2023 · The London Fire Brigade (LFB) published the video showing the moment an e-scooter catches fire while plugged in at a house in Brent, northwest London, on Saturday. just before 3:40 p. 3 • 7 Ratings.

Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. . . Click here to see the worship that preceded this sermon, led by Marcel Preston. .

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In this week’s meeting, Seth’s ministry focuses on the presence and power of God. .

Ask God for His fire.

JUN 16, 2021; Take Courage, Overcomer Take Courage, Overcomer.


One of the most important things we can do is learn how to keep our spiritual fire burning.

Fire convicts.